Faith in God is an integral part of how we do business at Habersham. That includes being good stewards of the natural resources we use to manufacture our fine furniture and custom cabinetry.

Heirloom quality, solid wood furniture is itself the ultimate in sustainable manufacturing. Unlike lower quality furniture and cabinets that are frequently replaced and sent to landfills, Habersham designs are built to last a lifetime, and are treasured from generation to generation.

At Habersham we create our products using highly efficient manufacturing processes that not only help reduce waste, but also help to keep our quality high. We reduce our impact on the environment by using water-based paints and low emission varnishes while maintaining the high quality, handcrafted custom finishes our customers expect.

Habersham also has an on-going program to ensure we use as much of our wood as possible to reduce waste. But when waste products do occur – like sawdust – we collect and reuse them whenever possible.

And when we cannot prevent, reuse or recycle a waste product, we dispose of it in accordance with our environmental permits. In more than three decades of furniture making, we have always complied with state and federal environmental laws and regulations.

We pledge to use our natural resources wisely so that we can continue to make fine furniture and cabinetry using the highest quality woods available to you and your family.