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The best finishing process in the world


Habersham artisans create authentic-looking aged finishes that make a brand new piece appear as if it has been lovingly used for generations.

These incredible finishes are created by using multiple nuanced finishing techniques — some of our finishes go through a full 30-step process in order to achieve a warm and inviting patina that is identical to those found in antiques that have naturally aged over a century in a French or Italian Chateau.  

Start with one of the finishes below and then we’ll work with you to achieve the exact level of distress and aging you want.



Habersham's Trusted Paint Partners


Sherwin-Williams offers a comprehensive spectrum of crisp, rich, vibrant, versatile and timeless colors in their unique COLOR System which features over 1,200 colors. Sherwin-Williams analyzed geographical, lifestyle and cultural fashions and design trends over time and across markets to design their extensive COLOR System. Any Sherwin-Williams paint hue will be a perfect complement for your Habersham furniture, coordinating perfectly with the interior design of your home.


Whether you are looking for elegant neutrals, warm classics, bright and cheery bold hues or calming coastal colors… or anything in between, the Benjamin Moore® Color System can provide you with the perfect color for your Habersham furniture. Benjamin Moore® offers one of the largest selections of color palettes to choose from. From time-honored classics to today’s most popular colors, Benjamin Moore ® gives you a diverse range from which to choose. Collectively numbering over 3,200 color options, each collection of colors are broken down into carefully designed palettes to help you easily find the color family you are looking for that suits your design style.

Black cabinets
Antique Honey sample finish
Antique White sample finish
Fire Coral sample finish
Graystone finish sample