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Our Georgia artisans create handmade luxury cabinetry, made to your exact specifications. Choose the style that matches your home and then we’ll work with you to perfect the sizing, style, and finish into something spectacular.

Legacy Cabinetry

From Grand European to Classic Farmhouse, Habersham Legacy Cabinetry offers the best & widest range of luxury cabinetry & built-ins. Legacy Cabinetry is for homeowners who wish to make a bold statement and embrace grandeur.

Habersham kitchen



Dive into our curated selection of featured projects, showcasing a seamless blend of timeless tradition and modern innovation, from the serene beauty of coastal retreats to the refined charm of French elegance.

Moderne Cabinetry

Habersham Moderne Cabinetry features straight lines, sleek frameless construction, and clean finishes. This is custom cabinetry for homeowners who wish to blend their personality with refined modern design — and always an uncompromising eye on quality.

Moderne Cabinetry
Modern cabinets
Modern bathroom