Custom Fitted Furniture

Custom Furniture & Cabinetry

Working in our North Georgia design studio, our talented artisans and craftspeople can customize each piece to reflect your own sense of style. See below a selection of custom feature examples that you could request. With our custom capabilities, anything is possible.

Custom Colors & Finishes

From rich tones and striking textures, color and finish choices are limited only by the imagination. For example, you can choose:

Sherwin Williams

What is worth doing is worth doing well.
Choose from over 1,500 colors offered by Sherwin-Williams to finish your Habersham products.

Signature Finishes

Countless Options

Our Flagship!

Choose from countless multi-step handcrafted finishes that truly bring a uniqueness to each and every one of our products.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore
Choose from a wider variety of paint options

Combine Finishes

Even choose special finish placement!


The color options are limitless. Between Habersham, Sherwin-Williams & Benjamin Moore the amount of color choices you have is next to unthinkable.

Distress & Aging

Alter the artificial antiquing to make your piece one of a kind.

More or Less. You Choose.

Having the ability to alter the distress & aging allows you to bring out your creativity. It also allows you to alter the mood of any space.

Hand-Painted Artwork

Change or add art designs!

Hand-painted Designs

Inspired by you! Send us any art designs and we’ll recreate it on your custom Habersham products.

Custom Built

All of our cabinetry is made to order and many of our handcrafted furniture designs can be custom-tailored to meet size, space and style preferences too. Here’s just a small sampling of some of the things you can request:

Extra Lighting

Put a spotlight on your favorite decorations!

Let there be light!

Add lighting to your furniture & cabinetry. Either for putting the spotlight on your decorations or just to help see at night.

Extra Shelves

For more storage and space!

More Shelves. More Storage.

Adjustable shelves allow you to divide up your space however you want!

Closet Rod

Turn it into a wardrobe with a simple request

Perfect for hanging up that Black Dress!

Turn one of our armoires into your next wardrobe.

Remove Moulding

Hinge Swap

For those times when you wished it opened the other way!

Left Hinge/Right Hinge?

The choice is yours. A simple switch at the factory could save you from frustration down the road.

Door Panels

Pick whichever suits you!

More Options. More Personalization.

Pick between wire mesh, metal grill, glass or mirror.

Custom Dimensions

You Envision It. We Create It.

Customize your Dimensions

Specify height, width and depth requirements!

Change Hardware

Interact with something you love!


You interact with the hardware the most. It would make sense to have the ability to choose something you love. Make it yours, it’s the small things that count.

False Doors

When you want to make it a vanity.

Put a hole in it!

Sometimes you find a piece of furniture, and you just wish you could give it a purpose in your master bath… Well now you can. With false drawers you can put a hole in it, and turn it into a vanity!