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Promenade Doorway with Bookcases

SKU: 27-7502

At Habersham we believe even doorways should speak to your one-of-a-kind taste, and that's why we created the Promenade Doorway with Bookcases. The doorway is framed with bookcases with beaded backing, and a stunning hand-carved design dances from one side of the doorway to the other.

Available in:

36 inches

42 inches

48 inches


36 inches dimensions: 110″W x 21″D x 117″H Estimated weight: 800lbs.

42 inches dimensions: 116″W x 21″D x 117″H Estimated weight: 800lbs.

48 inch dimensions: 122″W x 21″D x 117″H Estimated weight: 850lbs.

Ends: 4 adjustable wood shelves

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