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Infinity Vanity

SKU: KB03-1744

The Infinity Vanity is full of design and attention to detail, no matter your choice in size. Whether selecting a smaller offering as the perfect complement to a larger bathroom area or a larger offering as the main feature of the space, the Infinity Vanity is sure to please. With circular motifs adorning the cabinet face and continued circular features along the trim, the Infinity Vanity is sure to fulfill even your most specific needs.

Available with: 

One Door

Two Doors

Four Doors


Original Dimensions:
62″W x 36″H x 23″D

1-Door Dimensions:
26″W x 35″H x 23″D

2-Door Dimensions:
32″W x 36″H x 23″D
39″W x 23″H x 36″D
44″W x 23″H x 36″D
50″W x 23″H x 36″D

4-Door Dimensions:
56″W x 36″H x 23″D
62 “Wx 36″H x 23″D

Weight: 120lbs.

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