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What’s In A Name? Trumeau Mirror

Our trumeau wall mirror designs have been a steady seller for us over the years. The history behind these elegant designs is interesting —  A quick search on Wikipedia:

Habersham Trumeau Designstrumeau mirror is a wall mirror originally manufactured in France in the 18th century. It takes its name from the French word trumeau, which designates the space between windows. In England it is normally known as a “pier glass.”

Trumeau mirrors were originally intended to hang on a wall between windows, providing a decorative element and bringing more light to the room. Most antique trumeau mirrors are highly ornate and often gilded.

The mirror is almost always rectangular and sometimes includes a decorative portion at the top, with the mirror below it. Those designed to be placed above a mantelpiece, rather than between windows, could have candles placed in front of the mirror to increase ambient light.

Reproductions of 18th-century trumeau mirrors became popular in the Regency period in the 1950s, when French furniture was popular.