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It starts with your home

There’s no doubt that a carefully crafted piece of furniture is beautiful on its own. But unlike other art, a stunning dining room set or elegant bedroom set is an integral part of something larger — your home.

We work with you to ensure your new Habersham doesn’t just sit in your home but is a part of it as an expression of your personal vision and style.

Habersham Bathroom
Habersham living room

Signature Finishes

Habersham is known for our incredible finishes. Our 30-step process means that you get a piece with exactly the appearance you want, whether that means it looks brand new or like a treasured family heirloom from generations ago.

Our Colorful Partners
We’ve partnered with two of the finest paint manufacturers in the world to give you hundreds of options when it comes to choosing the perfect color for your custom cabinets and furniture.

Sherwin-Williams offers a comprehensive spectrum of crisp, rich, vibrant, versatile and timeless colors in their unique COLOR System which features over 1,200 colors.

Benjamin Moore
Whether you are looking for elegant neutrals, warm classics, bright and cheery bold hues or calming coastal colors… or anything in between, the Benjamin Moore® Color System can provide you with the perfect color for your Habersham furniture.

detail shot of a cabinet door
Detail on the corner of a vanity
Antique Honey sample finish
Antique White sample finish
Fire Coral sample finish
Graystone finish sample

Get your Habersham hand-painted by a master artist

Sometimes, being a stunning example of luxury furniture isn’t enough. Sometimes, it has to be a work of art.

That’s when we call in our artist-in-residence, the imminently talented [NAME]. [NAME] has been painting Habersham pieces with custom art for decades, using our peerless woodworking as the canvas on which he creates a masterpiece of your imagination.

Habersham Artist Steve Burgess