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Haleh Aleman

Owner & Principal Designer | Haleh Design Inc.

Haleh Design (HDI) works in the greater Washington, DC area, south Florida, and worldwide with an elite international clientele delivering 20,000 to 55,000 square feet projects with a Classical and timeless sensibility that embraces glamour, comfort, and a sense of welcome. In estates ranging from 20 to 100 million dollars, founder Haleh Aleman’s (Formerly Alemzadeh Niroo) authentic vision is consistent from conception and design to every final detail.

For each custom turnkey service provided, Haleh assembles and directs a team of interior designers, architects, and project managers that are skilled in programming, planning, and design. A dedicated network of experts and artisans further streamlines the design process.

An Institute of Classical Architecture & Art member and a Silver member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Haleh practices a uniquely sustainable approach to luxury design that marries the culture and elegance of European living with environmentally sensitive choices.


“I love everything about Habersham – the detailing, the quality craftsmanship, the finishes, and the wonderful staff. They have the image I desire to project for my designs.”

Haleh’s home is her design laboratory where she continues to evolve her esthetic. She collaborates with and represents various renowned manufacturers in the European high-end luxury market. Here she invites clients to experience and visualize firsthand the scale, proportion, craftsmanship, materials, and detail that defines her approach.

Connected to the finest and most beautiful things in the world, Haleh was born into the world of design. The daughter of a textile executive and innovator who advanced Iran’s reputation for high-quality silks and upholstery fabrics, her life has been shaped by her early embrace and consistent devotion to the design discipline. Her sensitivity for the exquisite and timeless was shaped and enhanced by the foundation of a Classical education in France, extensive international travel, and formal design study.

Grounded in Classicism and supported by diverse healing modalities, Haleh’s projects bring balance to her clients’ lives, making sustainability, functionality, life enhancement, and comfort the foundation of home design.

Known for her love of people and her desire to bring elegance and beauty to all, Haleh’s life tapestry is woven from a confluence of disciplines and approaches shaped by her ongoing passion for creating beautiful, healthy, restorative, and harmonious home environments. Working with Haleh is an inspiring, uplifting, and collaborative journey of self-discovery resulting in bespoke health-enhancing environments responsive and unique to each client’s individual needs and concerns.

With an eye toward creating harmonious, supportive, and comfortable living environments, Haleh works closely with Feng Shui master & master Dowser Marie Diamond, featured in The Secret, as well as the client’s personal Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra masters. Her accomplishment at combining these elements in innovative ways is evident in the many millions of dollars of the built environment for which she is responsible.

A Conversation with Habersham

Haleh Aleman has made quite a name for herself as a high-end designer in Atlanta, Georgia, and Potomac, Maryland since 1992. “My initial inspiration for quality designs was ignited watching my father and his passion for creating exquisite fabric designs in his textile factory. My education in France, extensive travels across Europe, and my love for art history expanded the passion and inspiration,” she explains.

The vision Haleh brings to life creates luxurious, harmonious, and lively spaces that allow her clients’ homes to become distinctly their own. “I believe that beauty is in the details,” says Haleh. “We work very closely with clients to understand exactly how they want to use each space. Our designs always include the finest craftsmanship, attention to detail, and state-of-the-art technology.”

By keeping the integrity of the classical designs, Haleh Design creates the perfect sense of proportion and scale in each room for her elite clientele. Foyers have the effect of walking into brilliantly lit, majestic palaces. Bedrooms blossom into exquisite sanctuaries. Kitchens quickly become the “heart of the home.”

Haleh Design services range from pre-construction to the finest finishing details. This includes space planning; detailing (ceiling and wall treatments); custom cabinetry, furniture design, built-ins; window treatments; art and accessories; colors and faux finishing. “Habersham is a crucial element in the whole look,” Haleh adds.

“We believe that your home should envelop you in luxury every time you step through the door,” says Haleh. “Classical values are the foundation of our philosophy to bring timeless elegance to your living spaces.”


"Habersham’s finishes are amazing and their attention to detail just can’t be found anywhere else. With Habersham custom cabinetry, I can dream up a design and make it happen."

Kellie Burke, Kellie Burke Interiors

"Habersham offers incredibly luxurious, elegant looks that exude a level of casual elegance at the same time."

Susan Spath, Kern & Co.

"Thanks to its custom capabilities, Habersham can blend into any home style and when it comes to colors, your choices are limitless."

Charles & Jeanne Rinek, Charles Rinek Construction