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Crownpoint Vanity

SKU: KB03-1745

The Crownpoint Vanity is full of design and attention to detail, no matter your choice in size. Whether selecting a smaller offering as the perfect complement to a larger bathroom area or a larger offering as the main feature of the space, the Crownpoint Vanity is sure to please. With circular motifs adorning the cabinet face and a lined design along the trim, the Crownpoint Vanity is sure to please no matter your needs.

Available in: 

24 inches

30 inches

36 inches

42 inches

48 inches

54 inches

60 inches


24″ Case – Overall Dimensions: 26″W x 36″H x 23″D

30″ Case – Overall Dimensions: 32″W x 36″H x 23″D

36″ Case – Overall Dimensions: 38″W x 36″H x 23″D

42″ Case – Overall Dimensions: 44″W x 36″H x 23″D

48″ Case – Overall Dimensions: 50″W x 36″H x 23″D

54″ Case – Overall Dimensions: 56″W x 36″H x 23″D

60″ Case – Overall Dimensions: 62″W x 36″H x 23″D

Weight: 150-300lbs.

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