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Naples Vanity

SKU: KB03-2370

The Naples Vanity takes the rustic elegance and dependable work Habersham is known for and provides a modern twist. Complete with clean lines, eye-catching circular trim, and a marble countertop, the Naples Vanity is the ideal addition to the modern home. Available in multiple sizes and storage aplenty, the Naples Vanity will become a fixture in your home for years to come.

Available in: 

24 inches

30 inches

36 inches

42 inches

48 inches

54 inches

60 inches


24″ Case Dimensions: 24″W x 36″H x 24″D
Overall Dimensions: 26″W x 36″H x 24″D

30″ Case Dimensions: 30″W x 36″H x 23″D
Overall Dimensions: 32″W x 36″H x 23″D

36″ Case Dimensions: 36″W x 36″H x 23″D
Overall Dimensions: 38″W x 36″H x 23″D

42″ Case Dimensions: 42″W x 36″H x 23″D
Overall Dimensions: 44″W x 36″H x 23″D

48″ Case Dimensions: 48″W x 36″H x 23″D
Overall Dimensions: 50″W x 36″H x 23″D

54″ Case Dimensions: 54″W x 36″H x 23″D
Overall Dimensions: 56″W x 36″H x 23″D

60″ Case Dimensions: 60″W x 36″H x 23″D
Overall Dimensions: 62″W x 36″H x 23″D Weight: 200lbs.

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