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Napoli Wine Island

SKU: 37-305X

Designed to work in a climate-controlled wine cellar, this piece offers plentiful storage options with drawers that glide out effortlessly to hold wine.  In addition, the island provides a nice gathering space for tastings. 

Available in:

48 inch

60 inch

72 inch


48 inch dimensions: 48″W x 38″H x 44″D
Weight: 500lbs.
10 wine bottle drawers – 5 on each side of the island:Each drawer holds 8 bottles
Plank top

60 inch dimensions: 60″W x 38″H x 44″D
Weight: 600lbs.
10 drawers holding approximately 90 bottles
Plank top

72 inch dimensions: 72″W x 38″H x 44″D
Weight: 700lbs.
20 drawers; 10 hold 6 bottles and 5 hold 3
Houses a wine cooler
Plank top

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