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Custom Built Furniture Conforms To Every Design, Space and Style Need

Habersham Designs by Tutto InteriorsThis month, our website showcases a home project by our featured designer, Cheryl Nestro of Tutto Interiors.  As you read through the story, you’ll get a good insight  into the growing custom  furniture building capabilities we offer here at Habersham.

Whether it’s certain sizes, space needs or finish options , we can work with you and your designer to meet and exceed your needs with our custom built furniture.  Take this St. Julien Cabinet , for example. 

As Cheryl explains in her story, she used a number of our pieces in her home project to create a striking built-in look, as shown here in a dining room setting. 

“We literally built the room around this piece,” Cheryl explains.  “The crown molding was designed to meet the crown of the cabinet.  I chose the beautiful Empire Studio finish to complete the look.”

As she was designing the home to reflect the style preferences and design tastes of her builder client, Cheryl worked to carry these deep, more masculine finishes through key rooms of the interior space. Click here to see other rooms and spaces in the home.