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Defining Timeless Design

Habersham Dressing Room DesignsThe recent Spring 2014 High Point Market gave us the chance to meet with current and prospective clients from all over North America, as well as overseas.  The common theme that permeated each of these client meetings was a sense of excitement for classic and traditional styles, along with the realization that Habersham’s furniture and custom capabilities fit the timeless design needs for their projects better than any other manufacturer in the marketplace today.  But what defines a classic style and what makes something truly timeless?

Of course, the simple answer is that timeless design is not affected by the whims of the marketplace or the ever-changing, always evolving design trends and style directions.  There are other elements at play here, too.  Maybe it’s the traditional look, scale or construction of a piece of furniture. Or, perhaps it is a fresh interpretation of classic or traditional design elements.  Whatever the case,  it seems that truly timeless styles embody unique, quality design elements that blend seamlessly into a range of environments.

When it comes to Habersham, a client might choose one of our hand-styled finishes to fit the classical taste of a given project, while another would see a beautifully fitted room as a way to transition from their busy day to the refuge that was envisioned by their designer. Ultimately, every room of the home, and every part of a project, can have the custom, one-of-a-kind features that make a design timeless.