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Feather Your Nest

DSC_4174-1As our licensed upholstery line, Habersham Feathers offers a versatile selection of pieces crafted in size and design to work with many of our furniture and cabinetry designs. DSC_4126-1

 Extremely designer-friendly, all pieces can be custom-sized and designed to fit any application. 


 In addition, COM service is available.  The collection includes hundreds of high-end fabrics with beautiful correlates and trims.  In addition, hand-painted motifs and sofa jewelry are also featured on select designs. 





 Our Feathers partners sent us some images  of a home installation they recently completed featuring a wide range of our furniture and upholstery pieces.  Here’s a small sampling of their beautiful work.  To learn more about Habersham Feathers, click here.

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