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Featured Home: Donna and Dave, Raleigh, NC

Habersham Custom Kitchen Cabinetery  Integrated Refrigeration and MoreFor Donna Allen, home design isn’t a process, but a passion.  Working closely with husband Dave, she designs home interiors and exteriors for their building/renovation projects. Whether it’s a spec home or a room project, Donna oversees every element of the design process – from wrought iron exterior accents to cabinetry crown molding.

The duo has worked with Habersham on a number of projects and when it came time to build their own home, they planned to use it in one room…and just kept going.

“We fell in love with Habersham when we first saw it some years ago in a designer showroom.  It’s a company that truly ‘gets it’ about furniture.  The pieces are well made, dovetailed and fitted – a time-honored design,” says Donna. “I had a design in mind before I even started working on this home and Habersham perfectly reflected my vision.”

This month, we’re pleased to showcase the Allen’s home on our website.  Click here to read the  full article and to see the home design.