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Galley Kitchen Offers Maximum Functionality — In Minimum Space

Galley Kitchen by HabershamOur design team has found a way to bring a touch of casual European elegance to even the smallest kitchen space.  Our galley kitchen design, shown here, effortlessly blends form and function.

The galley kitchen style has  come a long way from the first mass –produced galley kitchen design that first made its debut in 1926 in a Frankfurt housing development. Designs like ours still focus on the core pupose of the kitchen – maximum use, minimum space.  But we’ve also worked to bring a touch of grandeur to the area too. 

Meticulously hand-styled finishes with lighter tones, mirror backsplashes and tetures help visually open up the space.  And, integrated refrigeration , dishwasher  and other cabinetry create rich looks while creatively hiding appliances.   Custom Galley Kitchen by Habersham

And, many of the same features we use in larger designs – like range hoods and curios – blend effortlessly into this smaller space.   We’d welcome the opportunity to help you create a kitchen that conforms to your specific space needs and design sensibilities.  To learn more about our custom options, contact us today.

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