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Jennifer Russell, Artist

Jennifer RussellAll Habersham Furniture Art ™ designs are hand-painted by skilled artists like Jennifer Russell. A Masters of Fine Art graduate of the University of Illinois, Jennifer first learned about Habersham when she spotted a help wanted magazine ad from the company featuring the headline, “Do it for the love. Do it for the Monet.” She traveled to the company’s North Georgia headquarters, got the job and began working on the meticulous designs and styles that are Habersham’s hallmarks.

In addition to painting Habersham’s own signature art styles, Jennifer works with clients who request slight alterations to color combinations and design motifs or have their own their own patterns or designs in mind.

“We talk to the customers to learn more about their special requests,” she explains, adding that she had just heard from one client who was so happy with a finished piece that she had to “hug her interior designer three times.” “When we please a customer, that’s what it’s all about — it’s just the most rewarding thing to hear.”

Today, Jennifer holds the position of final inspector, where she thoroughly goes over each piece to make sure it meets every client specification and all of Habersham’s exacting construction , molding, trim, hardware and finish standards.

“A lot of companies are more assembly-line driven — with individuals are doing the same thing day in and day out. Not here. There’s always a new piece coming through and every day is different,” she says. “I like challenges, pressure and using my brain. We do all of that here – every day. It’s exciting.”