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Kim & Paul

Dacier HouseKim and Paul Dacier

“We can’t imagine life without our Habersham kitchen,” exclaims Kim. “This incredible space, which includes our wet bar and pantry, is the heart and soul of our home.”


“We didn’t just want our kitchen to look good, we wanted it to feel good. This is where friends and family gather to share the moments of the day and make memories for the future,” says Kim. “The artistry of Habersham has created an environment in our home that immediately takes us to our favorite places in Europe. We could be having wine along the Seine, or dining in Siena. But it’s all right here in Sherborn.”

Kim and Paul have built a stunning house that takes its inspiration from the grand mansions and country homes of the chateaus and villas of France, Italy and Spain. “Our love of traveling in all the Mediterranean regions gave us the vision of building something rooted in centuries of rich history and old-world traditions,” says her husband, Paul.


Much of this project was actually designed by the homeowner, Kim Dacier.

She and her husband worked with builder and Habersham Kitchen and Bath designer, Ed Tarca of E.W. Tarca Construction located in Hopkington, MA. Tarca features a Habersham design studio on their premises. “That certainly made the whole process much more convenient,” said Kim.


Kim and Paul both feel that Habersham’s Grand European Continental style fits perfectly with their lifestyle. “Working with the Habersham design team was truly a labor of love. They listened to our ideas and brought them to life even more beautifully than we could have ever imagined,” Kim tells us.

The spectrum of Habersham’s handcrafted, custom-designed cabinetry along with their unique architectural elements, motifs and sophisticated style are what bring authenticity to any home that requires a worldly blend of hand-finished textures, fine design lines, meticulous detailing and a rich color palette to compliment today’s gracious living.