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Mountain Estates Living

Mountain Estates Kitchen 1A few years ago, we launched our Mountain Estates Lifestyle in response to growing demand for relaxed, yet sophisticated looks for today’s second homes and luxury retreats.  Turns out, this is a trend that just keeps going. 

Thanks to our many custom capabilities, we are able to offer an unmistakable look for homes in areas such as Highlands, NC, and Vail, CO. Our hand-worked finishes and versatile styles can truly create a relaxed, yet gracious look that has appealed to customers around the country.

The Mountain Estates kitchen shown here brings warm, rich wood tones together with a dramatic hand-styled black finish for a rich effect. The custom hand-painted crest on the range hood captures a stag motif inspired by designs found on the walls of old hunting lodges. Scrollwork and corbels on the custom cabinetry complement the solid legs, top  and hand-rubbed finishes of the work table.

This particular lifestyle brings cabinetry and furniture designs together that are as  dramatic as the indoor and outdoor spaces surrounding them.  To see more of our lifestyles, click here.