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One-of-A-Kind Designs For One-Of-A-Kind Homes

Habersham Americana GroupMore and more, people are looking for distinctive and unique designs that not only differentiate their interiors from others, but truly reflect their own design tastes and style sensibilities.  We focused on this concept when creating the new pieces in our Americana group.

Unlike anything else on the market, these one-of-a-kind, artisan designs bring clean lines, hand-styled details and layers of texture and color together to create stunning looks.  As our designer  said,  “We feel these elements add a richness and history to a  piece and create enough depth to draw you in as you look at it – sparking your imagination as a painting would – making each piece truly a complete work of art.”

The design team went on to add, “We chose earthy textures and colors , but not just browned- down hues.  We went with vivid colors from nature –leaves and sky and water – the things we love and that inspire us with their beauty.  We wanted enough life in the colors to bring life to a room, without overpowering it.  Over overall goal was to create works, inspired by God and nature, to help make home s a place where families want to be.”