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Versatile Cabinetry Complements Any Decor

Habersham Cabinetry Blends Seamlessly With Any Decor StyleDesigners and homeowners often tell us that one of the things they love about our cabinetry is that is versatile enough to blend seamlessly into  any décor style.  Take this home office space for example.  Showcased in our featured home story about builder Charles Rinek and his wife Jeanne, this space blends the traditional, classic style of our custom bookshelves with modern design lines for rich effect.

As Charles Rinek explains in the story about his home, “It’s part of creating an eclectic space. So often people stick to one theme or look throughout the home.  I think   it’s important to show life within the home by using more than one theme – whether that’s achieving light with color or by mixing trends – old with new, Asian with modern.”

“There is no singular approach to life and that applies to building too,” he adds.   “It’s important to keep in mind that there is a certain familiarity that comes with diversity. That’s what makes a home so special.”